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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
People are aware that there aren't 2nd and 3rd team kick off and punt teams, right?

Because from reading this thread, it doesn't seem like it

There's SOME depth and fluctuation, but... no...

People are aware that the players that get in on special teams while on an 80 man roster are worse than the players that actually make the 53 man roster and play special teams in the regular season, right?

Difference without a distinction, IMO. Whether they have 1st/2nd teamers or not, there are many players who are playing kick coverage that will not make an NFL roster, not to mention the huge gap in intensity for the 'regulars' in preseason. All I'm saying is that this guy did all his damage largely against those guys, not active, regular season rosters. Is that incorrect?

I hope he works out in denver but basically, he's just a guy at this point.
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