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The problem is that over half those tackles came after a first down was made and he still is missing plays that need to be made by a competent safety in the NFL.

Tackles are the WORST statistical argument for defensive performance, because of a lack of situational representation. Making a tackle 3 yards past the first down marker when you should make it 3 yards before it is not executing your responsibility. It is still a minus play for your grade. Now, if he missed that tackle it would be a Major Minus.

Also, those numbers are inflated because of the poor play of the defense on third downs and playing so many snaps The middle of the defense has been especially porous. That gives him more opportunities to make tackles with little impact on the game or play. Having a safety with a high tackle number is NOT a good thing. Having a safety with high TFL's, FF's, INT's, and sacks would be much better.
Every time he makes a tackle, it means the offense did not get to the endzone. And Moore already prevented some TDs with his tackles. The defense needs to step up, but so far Moore is showing more confidence and tackling better, and the bigger plays will come with more experience.
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