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I'm curious as to what you define a project linebacker as.

Also I it is interesting you will write off Skov for being a strong side 3-4 guy, Andrew Jacksons size will likely put him in the 3-4 in the pros.
Project means someone who will take time to develop. If you think that any of the others are coming in and taking Joe Mays job despite how bad he is. Irving has been in the league two years, is accustom to NFL speed and the play book yet he can't take Mays job. Outside of Te'o the rest are second to fourth round talent.. What makes you think they can over take Mays? It either needs to be Te'o, a FA, or a trade for a player. We need NFL ready at our most glaring area of need!

Skov is a good pass rusher, why would he play MLB in a 4-3? I'm not letting size be a factor, I'm talking just scheme fit and skill set.
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