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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
There are not many MLB prospects in this draft who would fit as a three down player, let alone start from day one aside from Te'o.
I agree. Skov and Mauti aren't considerations for me, at least early on and have the big red flags on their medical. Good players though, but it is hard to bet against a Nittany Lions LB. Don't consider Johnson out of Bama as a guy that would end up being a great player either, merely average. In fact, I like Bostic and Klein more than him.

Who I do like: I like Kevin Reddick a lot because of his experience. Great size too whether he plays inside or outside, but is battle tested at MIKE and has incredible football intelligence. Reminds me a bit of Mason Foster from a few years ago. Will go higher than Mason. I was hoping to snag both Foster (2011 draft) and David (2012 draft) but the Bucs got those guys. Future is bright for them.

If I could bring any LB prospect to this team not named T'eo -- it'd be Jamie Collins.
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