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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
So 90% of his tackles were past the LOS is what you are saying?
As are almost every linebackers in the league that aren't elite players. In Woodyard's best year (which posters point to saying there isn't a drop off in production) he didn't register in the top 100 defenders in the league in that category. Yet, Williams has the past two years, and had better years for TFL in 2007-2009, so it is quite safe to assume that was the case when his TFL in those years were higher than what the bottom end of the top 100 defenders in football was most recently.

FWIW: Tulloch, Lofton and Hawthorne, who were all available, are in that same boat percentage wise too. Would have been nice to grab one of them and plug them inside as opposed to Joe Mays, eh?

Unless you are named Von Miller, Demarcus Ware, Terrell Suggs or James Harrison (a few others too) based on 2011 statistics, you aren't going to be notching more than 15% of your tackles for loss behind the LOS. I've mentioned several linebackers who are considered "elite" in this league, where D.J. has had comparable numbers in re: TFL over the past few seasons. (Note: This doesn't mean D.J. is elite.)

There is a myth being perpetrated on this board that most all Williams tackles were 10 yards down field, yet there isn't any visual or statistical evidence provided by anyone in that regard. They are just talking out their rears. Yet, plenty of evidence has been provided that he has been one of the better pass rushing LBers over the past several seasons and has been making more plays on the ball than he ever has in his career when you take into consideration FF and FR.

I never said Williams was an All-Pro or elite line backer. We can give Von Miller those kudos as he was devastating last year and on pace to even do better this year. Williams is a good player. He is not special, but he is solid. Can't expect much more out of a mid-first round pick than he has given us in his 8 years with the team. Nobody denies that his off the field **** gets old or either. Perhaps if his head was in the right place, he could achieve his full potential. Even those who support Williams don't go out of their way to make excuses for actions that are simply inexcusable -- and no, I don't feel that SoCal does that.

However, as I've stated previously, he has played inside in two different schemes, and OLB at both SAM and WILL in his career under 7 different defensive coordinators. He never got the chance to stick in one place and develop. His ability to be so versatile (mainly due to athleticism) allowed him to do what was necessary for the team.

People really need to stop b****ing about his play and stop the ridiculous remarks that Woodyard is his equal. He is NOT.

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