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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Bowlen has a team worth over $1 billion and he could not do what other NFL owners do and honor the past by helping Floyd little pay for $500 to help him with his expenses?

Now, I believe Pat is probably too senile to know what he is "supposed" to do at these HOF inductions but I do not blame Little for voicing his displeasure over it. It sounds like all the teams pick up these misc. expenditures their players incur at the HOF because it is a great moment for the organization as much as the player. The Broncos just showed they did not care about Little or the fact that he kept the Broncos in Denver.
sounds like? But is it true? Why would Floyd Little who has made a lot of money (and got book advances I'm sure) even need Bowlen to foot any of his ****?

and again with the false notion that Floyd kept the Broncos in Denver. Umm, not accurate at all....Gerald Phipps (and his brother) in '61 and '65 bought up shares of the team to prevent the Broncos being sold to interests in San Antonio and Atlanta. Floyd wasn't even a Bronco when the team was potentially skipping town.

Professional players make a lot more $$ than the average fan does...but they don't seem to have a problem charging a 6 year old kid $$ for autographs, etc...they also, due to their fame of being a pro athlete, have more doors open for them as far as post NFL jobs opportunities go
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