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Originally Posted by errand View Post
It's pretty close to the truth.......

I hate it when our players act like thugs and douchebags and get arrested like they're playing for the ****ing Raiders....others on here don't care if the guys playing for us are criminals, or a-holes.

When players on other teams get into trouble this board is justifiably filled with belly grabbing, knee slapping laughter....and Broncos fans collectively discuss what a POS the guy is....however when it's one of our own players that does the same ****....clowns on here scramble to justify or make excuses for it.

Add in that had DJ not committed his transgressions, he would be on the field now......amazing how when a guy like Mays costs us a game by missing a tackle he's shown no mercy. DJ has missed 5 entire games cuz he's a dumbass.....why would anyone care if he plays another down for us again?

Just one man's opinion.....
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