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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Lonestar, this translates to that Mays has been playing this much on D for the entire year. We can only hope that the coaches have a much better (but not great just better) MIKE in Brooking.
from a respected website at least loads more expertise than this site and dreamers....

5. Keith Brooking was moving his players around and getting them into the right positions all game. A few plays were held to little gain immediately afterward - that’s an advantage that Joe Mays doesn’t bring.

Keith Brooking came in and was a noticeable and immediate upgrade. Part of that was simply Brooking’s long experience with the NFL, and his ability to see what Mays and even Wesley Woodyard might not - he made play-calling adjustments that on several occasions resulted in the play going for little or no yardage. TJ has said the same, and he's right . Brooking’s lack of speed wasn’t a problem against the Raiders. His experience, on the other hand, was a boon.

Keith Brooking earned the job. He’s smarter, he makes better play calls and adjustments, and he seemed to get to plays faster from the middle. The numbers, and the film, back that up. I hope they stay with him.

IMO had he not suffered a concussion late in that game he would have been starting last week..instead of Mays.

and If he is healed this week I would be surprised after last weeks performance by Mays that Brooking does not get most of the snaps..
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