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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Te'o is out of reach in the draft.
Te'o seems to be a classic MLB (I don't think he can play at OLB, but I could be wrong there). Here's the average draft position of the first MLB/ILB in the draft since we lasted picked Al Wilson (a.k.a., the last MLB we were all happy with):

2012: 9th overall (Luke Kuechly)
2011: 67th overall (Nate Irving)
2010: 8th overall (Rolando McClain)
2009: 15th overall (Brian Cushing)
2008: 10th overall (Jerod Mayo)
2007: 11th overall (Patrick Willis)
2006: 5th overall (AJ Hawk)
2005: 17th overall (David Pollack)
2004: 12th overall (Jonathan Vilma)
2003: 29th overall (Nick Barnett)
2002: 23rd overall (Napoleon Harris)
2001: 11th overall (Dan Morgan)
2000: 9th overall (Brian Urlacher)
1999: 28th overall (Andy Katzenmoyer)

I'd say that Manti Te'o's college career could probably be favorably compared with some of the better linebackers on the list -- but where he ends up being drafted really all depends on how he tests at the combine.

Realistically, we're probably going to need to be in slots 8-10 to draft him. If we end up making the playoffs, that means it would probably cost us a 1st and a 2nd round choice to move up and take him. Is it worth it? Given the need and the fit, I would say yes.
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