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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by maven View Post
Lets enlighten the people

Game one: 7 targets, 5 receptions
Game two: 11 targets, 8 receptions
Game three: 11 targets, 3 receptions
Game four: 6 targets, 5 receptions (+ one huge fumble)
Game five: 11 targets, 9 receptions (+ one huge fumble)

Other than game three, he's done a damn good job catching the ball. Drastically changed the game on the first drive? It's 0-0. No team is winning or losing.

Two of the three fumbles can be considered long punts since they were big plays that lost the ball/and yes also missed opportunities. Were the turnovers game killers? The 3rd fumble I believe was at the end of the falcons game(tossing the ball around to score a TD on the last play)?

He's been a hell of a player this year. Can he get better? Sure!
I think Mediator12's point is that the positive impact plays have been canceled out by the negative impact plays to date, and that a fair assessment of his complete games (not just plays where he's targeted, but all plays) shows a player who can occasionally be a negative when on the field.

Am I glad he's on our team? Absolutely.
Do I think his arrow is pointing upward? Absolutely.
Is he grading out as an A or B in the first five games of this season? Probably not (objectively speaking)
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