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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
To have only a 61% catch rate through four games, and 65% after I graded the last game shows he can improve when given the chance to get targeted.

DT is growing and after the fumble he did not make more mistakes against NE, while catching 9 of 11 targets. That performance is very good, excluding the early game changing fumble. The problem is, his mistake drastically changed the game on the first drive.
Lets enlighten the people

Game one: 7 targets, 5 receptions
Game two: 11 targets, 8 receptions
Game three: 11 targets, 3 receptions
Game four: 6 targets, 5 receptions
Game five: 11 targets, 9 receptions

Other than game three, he's done a damn good job catching the ball. Drastically changed the game on the first drive? It's 0-0. No team is winning or losing.

Two of the three fumbles can be considered long punts since they were big plays that lost the ball/and yes also missed opportunities. Were the turnovers game killers? The 3rd fumble I believe was at the end of the falcons game(tossing the ball around to score a TD on the last play)?

He's been a hell of a player this year. Can he get better? Sure!
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