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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
It's funny you think the dog and pony show that's gone on the last couple seasons resembles how most QBs are selected to start.

Name me the solid NFL Starting QB that ever won or lost their job in camp. Anyone?

Camp is about preparing your team for the season. It's not QB Training Camp Survivor. Had Tebow not been orphaned by the McD firing, he would've been the unquestioned starter going into 2011. And you would've had 5 less weeks to stroke yourself to the Neckbeard poster hanging on the wall in front of your toilet.
It's even more funny that you still think Tebow can actually be a good QB, and that you wanted him as our starter instead of Manning.

Craig Morton lost his starting job to Norris Weese after training camp in '79.

Morton lost his starting job again coming out of camp in '80 to Matt Robinson.

Steve Deberg lost his starting job coming out of training camp in '83 to rookie John Elway.

Bubby Brister lost his starting job to Brian Griese coming out of training camp in '99

That's just Broncos QB's that were starters heading into camp who lost their starting jobs after camp was over. Should we look at other positions on the team where players who were starters heading into camp were back-ups after camp ended?

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