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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
He is not a mike is not smart enough to make the calls other than perhaps LAST CALL. While Mays not be the guy Dumb Jock is not either. He does not make big hits nor TFL. For that matter stops at the LOS.
He may be an athlete but he is not a MIKE. He did not get better playing MLB they had to take THINKING out of his control.

Let go of the bromance as for sure he is gone at the EOY. He is not worth 6 mil to the team playing part time when he is not in jail or on suspension.

I suspect when he is finally off suspension the judge may do us a favor and throw his ass in jail for the duration of the season. Now that would be a great bronco fan.
DJ may be the best option they have for the last half of the season as one of the nickle LB's. I'm thinking DJ physically is an upgrade over Mays at MLB. He's taller, faster. For the nickle D I'd rather see DJ in than Mays, but yeah I have to wonder if DJ can handle the green dot any better than Mays (and that may be a concern for JDR and Fox). Brooking seemed to do a good job with the green dot, but suffering a concussion this past game at his age I wonder how long he'll be out, and whether he'll get much more playing time this year.
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