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Originally Posted by DAN_BRONCO_FAN View Post
shut it before we stick you in a room with mcgruder you souless hieratic
jk how should i put this nicely he umm needs to do some major work at being a qb. Tebow is a likeable nice guy but nfl teams want qbs who can play well.
something is going on with Tebow in practice that the fans dont see. coaches are hesitant to make him a starter and if he does start they have him do some college air force like option offense instead of a offense that the rookie john elway and most other rookie qbs use .
i love to see Tebow start more just out of curiosity to see what he can do but they always have him to doing some odd type of offense .
i havent seen any jet games yet
reality is,he can't run any other offense. if he could,the broncos wouldn't have changed there entire offense for him. Fox said himself that teblow would be screwed if he had to run a conventional offense. tebow is a bust plain & simple.
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