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Originally Posted by NUB View Post
As awful as Mays is, which is pretty damn bad, I don't see anybody who can replace him except Williams. And Woodyard is a solid talent, no doubt, but he is not fit for the mike. As an ex-safety, he's a remolded Ian Gold of sorts, and is best left chasing plays down from outside. Regardless, that whole middle of the field is weak as hell and ripe for picking and it is way too late to fix it this season.
let me say this again..

DJ and That is short fro Dumb Jock/Jerkoff take your pick, is dumber that a rock..

Years ago they played him at Mike, but was relieved of that when they found out he could not relay the calls that were sent in from the sideline.. more so he could not make change calls if the call in from the sideline was for the wrong coverage when the O came to the LOS..

while he lead the team in tackles for a few years they were rarely if ever for a loss and almost all drag down tackles after the runner had positive yards most of those time was after the runner had a first down..

he is not the answer and by week 12 when he might be is in FOOTBALL shape to play it is most likely all over but the shouting.. most likely one of the other LBs will be coached up for the spot..
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