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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
OK. Did ANYONE watch the Patriots game? Did Anyone watch Moore be totally indecisive almost every play about where to be? The ONLY good play he had was a short screen to welker where he had primary man coverage and got his TFL.

I had Moore making 15 minuses in run support, failing to secure his gap on over half of them until the RB passed the first down marker. I had him having 5 missed coverages where he simply failed to be where he needed to be. Look no further than Moore on Woodheads first down run on third and 17. Dude panicked and STOPPED once he had an opportunity to close on the ball.

Seriously, he played a lot more assignment sound in the passing game, but he was a scrub versus the run as a Safety against NE.
I don't blame him. They're playing Adams closer to the LOS. Time for that scrub to man up and make a ****ing play
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