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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I'm gonna end this nonsense right now. He gets a B+

If you miss a few questions on a test, the teacher doesn't knock you down to a C-, god some of you people are really stupid. The dude is on pace for almost 2000 yards or receiving. You expect to have a few turnovers, maybe he's just had his early. And as I pointed out before, if you're going to give Thomas a C then you better damn well not give Manning an A or B either. How could you, that would be so hypocritical it's not even funny.

Manning gets an A-
Thomas gets a B+
That's a little too passionate of a response to take seriously. You grade the entire performance, including the plays he did not make.

I grade like coaches grade by watching every play and seeing if the player executed his responsibility. TO's are major minuses, and yes that does not include the HOU fumble. So, DT has two fumbles that negated 83 yards of offense, but he still gets credit in his PERSONAL stats for those 83 yards despite the offense never realizing those yards due to the turnover. Put those against his 2 TD's and its a wash on Major plays.

Also, grade him on the missed plays, not just drops, he has made to date. He dropped 4 passes, 3 of which would have resulted in first downs where the offense stalled and failed to score. He also missed more than a few routes when given the opportunity to be targeted. One of those was hard to tell if it was his fault or just poor chemistry with Manning to date. 5 of them though were poor routes or poor reads. 4 would have been a first down and kept a drive alive that stalled and failed to earn points.

Opportunity cost in failing to make plays keeps his performance grade to date much lower than his actual playing ability. He is NOT an average WR in the NFL, but he has played average in his five games to date with all the mistakes he has made that have contributed to stalled drives and TO's. Also, he does get the benefit of having a QB get him the ball when he is open the majority of the time. Having a Great QB throw you the ball helps as a WR. To have only a 61% catch rate through four games, and 65% after I graded the last game shows he can improve when given the chance to get targeted.

DT is growing and after the fumble he did not make more mistakes against NE, while catching 9 of 11 targets. That performance is very good, excluding the early game changing fumble. The problem is, his mistake drastically changed the game on the first drive.
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