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Probably something like what the Bengals got for Carson Palmer. Anyway, you were saying something that proved something?
Well, remember now -- the Bengals didn't say "We're trading Carson Palmer. I want offers by tonight, and we'll be accepting whatever we can get." They sat back, said "Fine, whatever." That's how you trade a quarterback. Quarterback is a position that is very valuable if the timing is right, but teams aren't quick to give a lot of value under the theory of "Sure, we can always use a great quarterback." Because bringing one in often upsets the apple cart a bit with the one you've got.

But if you wait, and some team gets left without enough options (either because of injury or the draft not going like they hoped), you'll get more value.

With Tebow, the draft was coming, teams were unsettled as to what they might do (starters and backups). So you can't read too much into it, other than the obvious, that he wasn't perceived as a surefire franchise quarterback. He was perceived as what he is -- an enigma, who might be able to help you win off the bench, and perhaps start for you.
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