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Originally Posted by Mile High Salute View Post
I don't think it's taking the Chargers lightly. Rivers has regressed, their best weapon last year in Vincent Jackson is gone, Gates has been invisible (as my fantasy team can attest ), and Norv is as ill-suited for being an NFL head coach as ever. Mathews definitely has talent - his issues have always been injuries and between the ears. Him getting benched by Norv in favor of Jackie Battle () says more about Norv than it does him IMHO. I mean honestly, I admire your optimism, but ask yourself you really trust Norv to do the right thing in a big game?
Didn't say I was optimistic. I'll never be very optimistic as long as Norv is here.

But it's the same thing every year. When the Colts and Manning had their perfect season, no one gave the Chargers a chance. When they faced the Colts in Indy during the playoffs, no one gave the Chargers a chance. The year the Chargers won the division at 8-8 and and faced Manning in the playoffs, no one gave the Chargers a chance.

Seriously, look around the league. There are not just one but multiple big upsets every week now. And this game won't be an upset either way. The oddsmakers have this as a pick-em.
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