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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Becuase he turned points into possesions for the opposing team, and two of which they turned into points. Two of those were going to be scores so you're talking a 12 points for the Broncos into ten points for the opponents. Also they are really freaking stupid fumbles.
OK So I didnt get to watch the NE game (I was on a plane coming home from Denver for personal reasons I will not discuss here), but Im assuming his fumble in the NE game led to 7 NE points yes and that had he not fumbled we would have scored at least 3 points, probably a TD.

But Im struggling understanding how you get the 10 points for the opponents.

The first fumble was against the Texans at the end of the game> Opponents didn't score.

The second fumble was against the Raiders, which they punted on, didn't score.

The third fumble against New England, must have led to 10 points? Neat trick that.

Two of his fumbles certainly cost Denver at minimum 6 total points and possibly 14 total points (as I count the PAT as good with Prater). I get how he cost us points, but how did the opponents get 10? Am I misremembering the Raider game that they scored a FG on that drive?
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