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Depends on how this playbook is changed. You keep b****ing about that Buffalo game but we were already down multiple scores at half at which point Tebow had I think 4 attempts (3 complete)

The playbook, (or selection) as we've seen, can sometimes hurt more than it helps.
Broncos had the lead going into the 2nd quarter. It was 10-7 with 4 seconds to go before the half, then spiller scores 17-7 Not exactly a blowout 1st half. Broncos got the ball in the 2nd half and it was 14-17! Then the 3 and outs came while the defense holds them to 2 field goals. 23-14. Then tebow presses and causes TOs which result in a blowout. So it was a close game when his attempts were low, then became a blowout when he started passing more.

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