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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Buddy, are you actually saying that you don't understand how poor plays impact the overall performance of a player?

Might wanna rethink this one.
No, of course I get it, and when both fumbles happened, I came close to ripping the TV off the wall. I guess my issue is I don't think this is necessarily a symptom of a greater problem, and they are probably just a couple of outliers that happened to occur in consecutive games (and the first one was really just a fluke). If he fumbles 5-6 more times this season, then sure, lets have that discussion. But to say he's only been "average," when he's really been anything but, simply because of a couple of bad plays, I think is overly critical. Plus, lets say one of those fumbles were recovered. Would we still hate on him as much? Probably not.
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