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Also the remaining premise is flawed.

You ask why we can ignore Tebow's losses and not Orton's at the start of the season without approaching it under the context that Orton's start of the season losses were a continuation of the most futile period in Denver Broncos history. It wasn't just 4 losses... it was 2 full seasons of losses.
I was screaming for Orton to get benched before that season even started. The difference is what happened after. Some people see it as Tebow winning like crazy. I saw it as Marion Barber and Rivers bailing him out.

Ask yourself this, would the playoff berth exist because of Tebows skills? Or did it exist because of Marion Barbers blunders and Rivers beating the raiders? Or was it both? I see it as it would've never happened with Rivers beating the raiders. The KC game was the last straw for me.

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