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I only ask cause its 3 games. The exact amount lost by Orton at the start of the season. Now I hated Orton back in Chicago but its the same amount of games and one set of 3 games gets overlooked while the other scrutinized and the basis of arguments.
If there were a discussion of Orton playing in Dallas over Romo, would you expect anybody to keep bringing up those "3 games" and saying "but Orton lost those three games" and "why is nobody talking about the 3 games Orton lost?" QB's play bad sometimes, teams play bad, games get lost.

A loss is unremarkable. Is the default position in life -- it is the outcome that you and I could achieve at quarterback. A winning streak, on the other hand, is something to talk about. And that's why people talk about it -- it's the spark that may show something.
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