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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
3 Years with Young = to 3 years with Brady....maybe. Cunningham was no joke of a QB though, and Culpepper's career may have taken a dive but he was a 3 time pro bowler in Minnesota. TO also had Palmer after he got ****ty and All-pro Fitzpatrick in Buffalo. Pretty much a wash in QB talents.

Speaking of All pro...I do believe TO was named All-pro 5 times to Moss' 4. Of course Moss still has a chance for another one since he is playing lights out.
Culpepper: 3x probowler... because he threw it to Randy 3/5 pass plays ("Randy ratio")

Don't forget, his career ended IMMEDIATELY after Moss left his side.

Comparing Palmer and Fitzpatrick to Walter, McCown and Jamarcus is nothing shy of absurd.

And judging from your All-Pro logic, Woodson is better than Bailey?
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