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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
TO spent more time with Steve Young than Moss did with Brady

And Jeff Garcia, Romo and McNabb-Prime were far better than Culpepper or any of Moss's other "QBs" (using the term VERY loosely). The ave quality of QBing for the 2 players is drastically different.

3 Years with Young = to 3 years with Brady....maybe. Cunningham was no joke of a QB though, and Culpepper's career may have taken a dive but he was a 3 time pro bowler in Minnesota. TO also had Palmer after he got ****ty and All-pro Fitzpatrick in Buffalo. Pretty much a wash in QB talents.

Speaking of All pro...I do believe TO was named All-pro 5 times to Moss' 4. Of course Moss still has a chance for another one since he is playing lights out.
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