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Orange Julius

I had to read this a few times to figure out how you got 11 and missed the biggest weakness on the entire team. No #6! No Joe Mays! Close to failing!

Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
Interesting concept... here's my list of defensive starters, in order of concern:

1) Von Miller -- no concern whatsoever
2) Elvis Dumervil -- a small concern vs. run game
3) Champ Bailey -- getting up there in years, has possibly lost a half-step
4) Justin Bannan -- gets the job done, is assignment-sound
5) Kevin Vickerson -- same as Bannan
7) Tracy Porter -- a good second corner, has sealed a game for us, but has also cost us a few times
8) Derek Wolfe -- is adequate at the moment, but will only get better
9) Wesley Woodyard -- undersized for the run game, not good in coverage. However, is very active and has that 'it' factor
10) Rahim Moore -- has played solidly the last two games, but very few impact plays in his career to date
11) Mike Adams -- a journeyman at best, has made a few costly mistakes this year

So... yeah, I would say he IS a top-5 concern, personnel-wise, on this defense....
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