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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
This- Moore has shown dramatic improvement from last year, and has been getting better every week this year. The people still bashing him are either holding on to last year, or just don't like the kid for some reason.

Moore is not a top 5 concern on this defense as far as personnel goes.
Interesting concept... here's my list of defensive starters, in order of concern:

1) Von Miller -- no concern whatsoever
2) Elvis Dumervil -- a small concern vs. run game
3) Champ Bailey -- getting up there in years, has possibly lost a half-step
4) Justin Bannan -- gets the job done, is assignment-sound
5) Kevin Vickerson -- same as Bannan
7) Tracy Porter -- a good second corner, has sealed a game for us, but has also cost us a few times
8) Derek Wolfe -- is adequate at the moment, but will only get better
9) Wesley Woodyard -- undersized for the run game, not good in coverage. However, is very active and has that 'it' factor
10) Rahim Moore -- has played solidly the last two games, but very few impact plays in his career to date
11) Mike Adams -- a journeyman at best, has made a few costly mistakes this year

So... yeah, I would say he IS a top-5 concern, personnel-wise, on this defense....
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