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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
Do you have any examples?

I am actually a big Quinton Carter fan, I am not being pessimistic for the sake of being pessimistic

I just have not seen many athletes come back from that
Microfracture surgery is an articular cartilage repair surgical technique that works by creating tiny fractures in the underlying bone. This causes new cartilage to develop from a so-called super-clot. Microfracture surgery has gained popularity in sports in recent years; numerous professional athletes including members of the NBA (most notably Anfernee Hardaway, Jason Kidd, Greg Oden, Allan Houston, Kenyon Martin, Tracy McGrady, Chris Webber, and Amar'e Stoudemire), MLB (Jeff Clement), NFL and NHL have undergone the procedure.
The surgery is quick (typically lasting between 30-90 minutes), minimally invasive, and can have a significantly shorter recovery time than an arthroplasty (knee replacement).
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