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Originally Posted by Lolad View Post
Say what you will about DJ but he can tackle running backs in the flat with minimal gain. He is poor in coverage down field but when a running back catches the ball on a swing or short pass they are usually tackled immediately
DJ is a drag down tackler and Usually after the ball carrier has made the first down..

WW is playing as well as he has and in fact last year had better numbers in 6 less starts..

DJ is not the answer unless WW gets hurt and then they may even play the new kid DT.. to get him some experience..

DJ is gone after this year IF not before getting back to the field..

it will take him 2 weeks to get back into game shape If not more depending on how much drinking he is doing while on vacation..

that means at best he is back full time for the Bucs 02 DEC..

Unless there is a melt down at LB (read WLB) between now and then they may make the decision to cut his ass the minute he is off suspension and stop the money bleeding on this moron..
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