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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
Regardless, we needed to change the QB. It was a must.

And its not like we traded away D players to get peyton.
With Tebow, Denver could beat good teams, but not the best.

With Peyton, Denver can beat good teams, but not the best.

I'm baffled. Where is the "needed" change at QB? Denver didn't trade defensive talent for Manning, at least, not in an obvious way. No, they just stacked a chunk of salary in his pocket instead of looking for free agents and spent a high draft pick on his back up. Tebow was not only cheap, but also young. 16 games total in starting -- not exactly the end of the road when it comes to a young player's development. Why are Denver fans so hellbent on constantly dumping the one position that requires the most investment? This team has had serious defensive issues up the middle for years now dating back to Griese for goodness sake, but thankfully we got Plummer to patch that up. I mean Cutler. I mean Orton. I mean Tebow whoops now I meant Manning. Kinda get lost in the smorgasboard of dumped QBs sometimes.
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