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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
Coaching and success in the NFL is a game of chess not checkers.

Everyone knows the obvious that having an elite QB is key to having that success. But what often isn't mentioned is the importance of having a consistent coaching staff, front office and all that goes into that.

Yes we hear about guys like Brady, Rogers, Big Ben and so on but in almost all cases there's also a stable coaching staff and structure around these guys that allows them to do what they do best.

I look at this current Broncos team as the starting point to constant perennial success because with an elite QB it allows the FO and coaching staff to add to the roster instead of rebuilding it. Now if you introduce a change in that plan from the coaching point of view then you're basically asking a new coach to come in, change the roster/schemes and staff to suit his style and we already went through that with McDaniels and we're right back to square one.

The more I see of the NFL now, the more I realise, for the long term, it's not just about great teams playing great but just playing consistently and other teams beat themselves.

This team has gone through enough scheme/coaching/QB changes for me to know that we've got most of the roster built and we're closer now than we've been for a long while.

My bigger concern regarding Fox is how he sets up this team for life after Manning, by continuing to build the roster into a great defense and enough weapons on offense for someone like Brock or someone else to come in and keep the offense going.
we basically have an OL to build on maybe a tweak here or there.. but is it pretty much set for the next decade..

other than Stokely out WR are young also so as they develop we are set.. now for Offense we lack at RB. that is all.. TE we have some young stock there they need time on the field..

IF Brock pans out and I see no reason to think he will not, has an arm, can run with the ball (not a statue) is learning from two HOF QB's on reading defenses.. Unless he is a moron there is not reason in a couple of years that he can't take Manning spot..

which means we need a RB and maybe a couple of quality OL backups..

Now over on D we need some more beef in the middle unless Either rookies can step in next year and hold those spots down..

DT takes longer to learn than DE does.. SO I'd expect with another off season to add some beef and learn from coaches they probably are good to go..

DE I think overall ok there.

MLB, and maybe safety in the draft taken high.. and some long term guys at CB as Champ may not have to many years left in him.. Or even perhaps he moves inside to safety..

This team is a few players away from being quality team for the long haul..

leave the coaches alone to teach them up and we will be fine..
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