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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Derek Wolfe has played like dog **** three of the last four weeks.

Wolfe had several good plays, including:
1. 1 sack on Brady (he was the only DL to get a sack in the game)
2. 4 QB hurries, and a big hit on Brady (unfortunately Mays had PI called on the goal line).
3. None of the big 3rd down conversions were Wolfe's fault, and he was instrumental in a couple surges, where Von got TFL's.
4. On one sequence on 3rd down, Wolfe got pressure on Brady, causing him to throw the ball, which hit Von Miller in the hands (should have been a pick 6).
5. The next play (4th down), Wolfe was double-teamed, allowing Woodyard to come through the line untouched, forcing Brady to fumble for a 20 yard loss.

Wolfe had 5 bad plays (out of 80 Defensive snaps) that the ball was ran toward him, and he was blocked out of the play (most happened early in the 1st quarter), when the Patriots first started their quick runs.

Wolfe did crush the LOS a few times which closed down running lanes and resulted in short gains (where other players got the tackle).

Could Wolfe get better? Yes. But he didn't play bad.

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