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Originally Posted by Mile High Salute View Post
I think the Broncos are going to beat San Diego next week. They have shown me more in their L's than the Chargers have shown in their W's. San Diego has beaten three horrible teams, including scraping by the Raiders when they didn't even have a long snapper. (Then look at both team's losses - the Broncos nearly coming back vs. Atl, in the Dome, despite one of Manning's worst games ever, vs. the Chargers getting absolutely crushed by the Falcons at home. Not to mention San Diego losing to an 0-4 New Orleans team, who just aren't very good.)

The Broncos have lost (although in competitive fashion) to 3 GREAT teams. Are the Broncos good enough to be Super Bowl contenders? Not right now. But are they good enough to win a weak AFC West? To quote Sarah Palin, "you betcha." Next week the Broncos will be 3-3, in first place in the AFC West, and the mood on this board will be completely different.
Chargers have no chance. They never beat Peyton.
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