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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post

I'm claiming that if ever there were a FA Manning could land it would have been Jeff Saturday.
And I'm sure if we didn't have Walton and the FO liking Blake in the 2012 draft, Manning could have talked them into signing him. Seems to me the TEAM didn't want Saturday, regardless of whether or not Manning did.

Just because a player doesn't come out an actually say "I'll go to Denver because they signed Manning" doesn't mean Manning wasn't one of the reasons they wanted to or actually did come here.

A TE like Tamme is a better receiver than blocker, so it would make sense that he'd look at the Manning signing and think "I'm familiar with most the offense, and I have a history with the QB, and the money offered is a fair one"

It would also make sense that a player would look at the Broncos as a whole and say "they signed Manning, which means they seriously want to pursue the Holy Grail of a SB title, and I want to win one too"

So whether directly or indirectly, whether admittedly or not, Manning made the Broncos a more attractive team for potential free agents
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