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Originally Posted by rbackfactory80 View Post
It's easy dude, I don't hate players that brought me happiness. Tebow was the QB of one of the most relevant Broncos teams in the last decade.

Guess what dude I know Manning is a better than Tebow, and I too believe that will never change. Tebow had a nice run here and I will always be grateful. It's really that simple.

Your hate is borderline creepy. I have no problem with you not liking Tebow. I have a problem with you pissing on everyone's parade who holds a different opinion than you. It's to the point where I think everyone knows where everyone stands. These arguments haven't changed 1 iota and we are approaching 1 year since the trade. GTF over it!
Do you put last years season ahead of 2005 and what Plummer did? People still b**** and moan about what he did for the Denver Broncos like he was the worse thing ever does that upset you?

As for me disliking Tebow and pissing on everyones parade, I keep the Tebow talk in the proper threads. I started the Monday night game thread yesterday and not once I say he sucked or anything negative about him. Also Tebow was traded late March, its October now. How is that close to a year?
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