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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
His argument from the outset has been that players came here because of Manning and has yet to back that up. If his argument holds water the one guy, Saturday, that Manning reached out to would have signed in Denver. Saturday is about the best case scenario to support DB4L's argument that Manning brings players to Denver. If this were true Saturday would have come regardless of the pay or situation because playing with Manning is really what motivates players to sign with a team.
My argument is every free agent that we SIGNED is here because of Manning not that every free agent in the world wants to sign here dumbass. You keep spinning it though Saturday wasn't wanted in Denver as a starter you tool. Hence why he isn't here.

I'm still waiting for that link saying Saturday pick Green Bay over Denver because they offered more money. I think I will be waiting forever though. Since you just spit out nothing but crap.
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