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I gave him a B strictly based on the two big fumbles he has had. The great thing about this kid is that he came from Georgia Tech....Meaning he was used mostly to block downfield...Meaning he isn't a lazy Randy Moss type WR that only plays when he is getting the ball. Seems like every game he is laying out some DB down field with a huge block. In college and his first few years in the NFL he has never had to worry about sharpening his route running and his ball skills, because he was in a run heavy option style offense, and even with Tebow several of his big plays came from breaking off routes when Tebow scrambled.

Look at how great Rod Smith became after being an undrafted free agent. I believe a lot of the reason he was able to do that was due to playing with Elway and learning how to become a great WR. Peyton Manning will be here for a few years at least. Hopefully by the time Manning retires, Thomas will be a veteran Rod Smith/Reggie Wayne type leader of the offense, and a safety blanket for a guy like Osweiler when he eventually takes over. Guy could be great, its very exciting, and even though I think a lot of the freaking out over his drops and fumbles has been greatly exaggerated, he does need to improve his ball skills. Keep in mind TO dropped a TON of passes and if not for his horrible locker room problems he may have been a HoF player. The kid has only been in an NFL passing offense for like 1 season lets just hope he has the work ethic to continue to improve cause he has the tools to be great. He is currently a B with A+ potential.
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