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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
I went back and forth between B and C. Those fumbles as a result of bone head lack of ball control give him a C. He'll if he just is more disciplined he is an easy A right now.
There is no way with those numbers you could give him a C, even with a few fumbles lost. What was that stat, he's 1 yard out of 1st place in the NFL in yards right now. C? gimmie a break dude.

So with your rule of thought, you could also give Manning a C right now because of all those INT's that cost us the game in ATL and a fumble in the last game that had as much to do with the loss as the fumble by Thomas. No, you don't give Manning a C. In fact, most here would give him an A. So to say Thomas would get a C, those who would cast their vote that way are clueless idiots, plain and simple.
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