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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
How can you even say that even after just the Pats alone? He gets burned every game because he's just not good enough. He is a hard hitter and that is about the only thing he has going for him. We're lucky he didn't take out Miller. He hit Miller harder on that play than the Pats guy. Like someone else said, the Pats game revealed everything that is wrong with Mays. No speed, no instincts, no brains. He is a special teams guy, thats it!
sent him a tweet that I hope he read after that play. Tom Jackson will tell you the same..."I can hit you anywhere I want"

You might be right, but right now we have to dance with who we brought to the prom. We're a soft team up the middle on defense at all 3 tiers. We'll never win consistently as long as that's the case. I don't care who our HOF QB is. It just seems to me that this defense needs to pretend that Tebow is the QB and it's all on them
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