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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by extralife View Post
yeah, and we were 6-0 at that point. one may have something to do with the other. the stats suggest this is a team better than its record. we've had a terrible schedule, and two legitimate concerns (turnover differential, 3rd down defense).
I think this team is better than its record indicates, but lacks the depth and quality front 7 players to beat the best of the best. Superbowl contender? No, but they've played 3 of the best teams in the NFL (two of them on the road.) You simply can't turn the ball over and let teams consistently convert of 3rd and long and beat the elite teams. I still think this team is going to knock the piss out of the Chargers, finish 10-6 and probably win the West. In year two of the Manning experiment and in order to beat these upper echelon teams, the Broncos need to get more speed at offensive skill positions (slot WR, RB depth) a WLB, an MLB, a true 4-3 nose tackle and hope that MethWolfe can grow and develop into a 3-tech.
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