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Again, I'm not arguing any of that. I'm arguing that 1. Denver was interested, at least to some degree. Enough to bring him out and 2. If there is any player in the mix that Manning could have had an impact on signing it would have been Saturday. If playing with Manning were the be all, end all DB4L is making it out to be then it wouldn't have mattered to Saturday what Denver's plans were. He would have put all of that aside to play for God, Country, and Manning. Obviously that didn't happen. Players don't pass up self interest in favor of playing with certain players. Doesn't happen. Yet DB4L would have me believe that players do indeed pass up self interest to play with Manning. I hope that's true because I'd love to get JJ Watt in here next offseason. I bet Watt requests a trade to play with Manning.
I think there's some lost in translation here. I re read his post and he's stating Denver wasn't as interested(which means less money and no starting position)
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