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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
no you made the case for Saturday picking the Packers over Denver for money. Denver didn't want Saturday that is why he didn't end up with the Broncos. You claimed signing Saturday was a huge selling point for Manning and that wasn't the case at all. The influx is the 5 starters playing we signed after Manning.
We didn't want Saturday so bad we flew him out to tell him to **** off.

Elway: Hey Jeff, why don't you fly on out to Denver so we can visit.
Saturday: Can do.

Elway: Welcome to Denver Jeff.
Saturday: Glad to be here.
Elway: Glad to have you. We wanted to bring you out here to let you know we don't want you to play for this club. You're not Bronco material. Now **** off. MUA HA HA HA HA

I'm claiming that if ever there were a FA Manning could land it would have been Jeff Saturday.
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