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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Actually if Manning puts up that record (or any record resulting in a worse finish than last season) I'm gone from pro football entirely until Bowlen no longer owns the team. Can't find the post, but I still believe what I said then. There is only so much money and attention I can allow myself to waste on an owner who keeps making the same mistake every 2 years for the last 14, going on 16.

The bet DBag must have been referring to (I have the DBag on ignore) is that Tebow will start more games over the next two years than Manning, as I was unconvinced that Manning had fully healed from his neck injury and that with our line he wouldn't survive long anyway. Still not very convinced, given what I've seen.

Anyway, that just means I'll have to find another place to talk about politics, MSU and the Detroit Tigers.
That and you thought Denver wouldn't be a top 10 O and Manning isn't a top 5 passing QB in the NFL. ****ing dumbass
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