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Can't believe people think this way. So they get upset cause we lose to elite teams. Other than the steelers name one playoff caliber team Tebow beat last year.
Every time a supporter slips and says only "Tebow," guys like you remind them it was a team effort.

But putting aside semantics, there were some quality teams on the schedule. As it happened, they didn't go to the playoffs because it was an odd year, but the Chargers were good. The Bears had a playoff caliber D, just lost Cutler. But that 18-24 finish Tebow had against them was him coming alive against an elite defense. The Jets barely missed the playoffs and had an elite defense. Any win over the Raiders is a good quality win, even though they haven't been in the playoffs in a while. The Dolphins were playing good defense last year.

You play who's in front of you, and you can't win them all. Pittsburgh was a quality performance against a quality team. Threw the ball well. He showed enough -- the kid's got game. Just needs to find another ride.
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