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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
He's doing just fine IMO. The fumble against Oakland was bone headed, but didn't cost us anything. The fumble against N.E. that was painful, however not as stupid as the other one. This poll on Saturday would have been 90% A's. Like most on here, I think it would've been really, really nice to start up 7-0 against N.E. so everyone is just a little butt hurt right now.

What I'm more excited about is the 4th and inches play when Manning made a poor throw and DT came back to get it and secure a first down. Or when he went up to make that grab early in the game.

I see a lot more positives out of DT than negatives. Dude has a ton of potential and will be a great wide out for this team for quite some time.
How is the fumble against Oakland worse? Every player knows you switch to the arm furthest away form the incoming player. He was trying to do that and just lost the ball.
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