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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I still think the bigger problems on defense are MLB, WLB and Mike Adams at SS between those 3 we simply have too big holes in coverage in the middle of the field and we lack safety support deep. For a supposed thumping runstopper Joe Mays does very little thumping and almost no run-stopping. Woodyard and Trevarthan both lack the athleticism to be cover linebackers and the size to consistently take on and shed blockers in the middle. Woodyard does a great job of flowing to the ball on plays that take a bit to get going, be it runs on the outside, pitches, screens or swing routes, but in the middle he gets washed out too often.
I agree with both the MLB and SS as being huge concerns. Losing Carter for the year absolutely sucks, as I was hoping he'd grow into replacing Adams at SS this year. I think he has the chance to be pretty damn good at that position.
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