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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Not after watching the Patriots game. Both safeties got schooled all day long and were out of position situationally for most of the game. He did make a few really nice plays, but he also made more boneheaded ones by my count.
Moore is not the safety I am worried about, he still has a long way to go in coverage and he is not quick enough with his reads in the passing game - but he is improving and his run support is pretty good - that is enough for me for now.

I still think the bigger problems on defense are MLB, WLB and Mike Adams at SS between those 3 we simply have too big holes in coverage in the middle of the field and we lack safety support deep. For a supposed thumping runstopper Joe Mays does very little thumping and almost no run-stopping. Woodyard and Trevarthan both lack the athleticism to be cover linebackers and the size to consistently take on and shed blockers in the middle. Woodyard does a great job of flowing to the ball on plays that take a bit to get going, be it runs on the outside, pitches, screens or swing routes, but in the middle he gets washed out too often.
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