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I can't blame Denver at all for bringing in Peyton and making a run at a championship during his short time remaining. I suggest it myself, before anyone else.

It's just a shame that it cost them the chance to develop Tebow. I still believe he will a winning, championship contending starter in this league. And Denver will always be the "Tampa-Bay" in the "Steve Young" story of Tim Tebow, if his career stretches on and on.

But if Tebow washes out, it will look like even more of a genius move than it already was.

But aside from all that -- I just think there was and is way too much scapegoating of Tebow. This team had its limitations in every area of the roster, and it held Tebow back. He could have had better stats on a better team. He could have developed his skills more with a veteran receiving corps that was precise and reliable. He suffered because of McCoy's playcalling ability (which still stinks). He could have done better with a more consistent pass protection (3 of the line were very young and green). He could have used a great set of pass catching tight ends like the team has now. He could have used Stokely. McGahee had some untimely fumbles when Tebow was starting, too. Just as McCoy needs to put Peyton in a free-wheeling no huddle early in games, he should have found ways to get Tebow going in his comfort zone, early in games.

So while the move to Peyton was an improvement, and one you can't blame them for trying -- the notion that this team is ready for a Super Bowl seems like a stretch to me. Tebow was not holding this team back last year -- if anything he was one of several bright spots.
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