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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
Yes, we signed players after signing Manning. That does not support your claim that we signed players BECAUSE of Manning. There's a distinct and important difference. In fact, the player Manning was supposed to land, Jeff Saturday, signed elsewhere for...wait for which, along with the entire modern history of FA, supports my thesis that players don't pass on cash to play with certain players. Just doesn't happen. Your argument that players have signed with Denver after Manning means they came here because of Manning is ludicrous. Does every FA signing in perpetuity mean they came here because Manning signed here? That's the logical conclusion of your position and a wildly farcical one at that.

Support your claim that players explicitly came to Denver because of Manning or sit down and STFU about it.
Saturday signed for MONEY no way?!?! Is this a new thing? Saturday himself said Denver didn't WANT him but you keep on keeping on with dumb claims that have been DISPROVED by Saturday HIMSELF. You are the only one that seems to think that Manning being here didn't help land people.
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